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Welcome to the Mountain Home Police Department online. We hope you find the department's website both informative and helpful.

The police department is responsible for providing police services to the residents of our city and the many visitors enjoying tourism and trade in Mountain Home, Arkansas. If we can assist you, contact us. Service is our only product and we strive to make it the best.

It is our goal to inform the community about your police department's philosophy, programs, and operations. With this knowledge, the police and the community can work together in making our community a better place to live. We are confronted with community growth that requires a strong community policing effort to meet the present and future demands for police services. Working together, we can meet this challenge.

If you have a recommendation for improving this website or other comments, please let me know.

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Carry Manuel, Chief of Police

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Contact Information

Mountain Home Police Dept.
424 W. 7th Street
Mountain Home, AR
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Freedom of Information Act

Before the Mountain Home Police Department can release any criminal information regarding background checks or incident reports, we must have a signed Freedom of Information Act.  Please download, complete, and sign this form, and then bring it with you to the police department or mail it to the address shown below.

424 W. 7th Street,
Mountain Home, AR 72653

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"Laura's Card" New Domestic Violence Law Passed During 2015
Published: August 11, 2015

Mountain Home Police Department

424 West 7th Street

Mountain Home, Arkansas 72653

Phone: 870-425-6336 Fax: 870-425-6092

Emergencies: dial 911




Rights & Responsibilities of Victims of Crimes

Incident Number: ___________________

Officer: ____________________________


Victim Helpline

Serenity Hotline 870-424-SAFE (7233)

Chief of Police

Carry Manuel 870-425-6336

24 Hour Crisis Line

Hotline Centers for Healings Hearts and Spirits

 1-855-6-HELP-4-U (800-643-5748)

Domestic Violence (800-269-4668)

Child Abuse (800-482-5964)

Adult Abuse (800-643-5748)

Rape Crisis Program (855-643-5748)

Human Trafficking (888-373-7888)


Arkansas Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Serenity’s Shelter 870-424-7557 

Victim Services and Social Services 

Serenity’s Main Office 870-424-7576

Department of Human Services


Arkansas Administrative Office of the Courts Domestic Violence Program  

Court Connect helps keeps victims informed of court proceedings and other pertinent information 

Your rights

For a complete list of Victim’s Rights visit: 

If you do not have access to the internet, a copy may be requested through your local law enforcement agency or prosecutor’s office.  

You MUST request these rights

  1. You have a right to Privacy while in all medical facilities and while seeking medical attention
  2. You have a right to petition the court for an Order of Protection &
  3. You have a right to request the court keep your physical address and personal telephone number confidential
  4. You have a right to your own attorney during all court proceedings
  5. You have a right to notice of all court proceedings
  6.  You have a right to contact the Prosecutor’s Victims Witness Coordinator
  7. You have a right to be present at all hearings where the defendant is present
  8. You have a right to responsible protection before, during, and after all court proceedings
  9.  If available, you have the right to be provided a separate waiting area before, during, and after all court proceedings
  10.  In criminal proceedings, you have a right to request restitution be sought through the prosecutor’s office
  11. You have a right to provide a Victim Impact Statement at the sentencing hearing (
  12.  You have the right to be notified on the status of the alleged or convicted offender (
  13. You have a right to be provided with an interpreter during all court proceedings
  14. If the victim is a minor, incapacitated or deceased, a member of the victim’s family may exercise these rights

 Through exercising these rights, you may find healing.

You are not alone. If you are being abused, help is near.

As a Victim, you may experience the following:

  1. Shock, disbelief, numbness
  2. Change of appetite
  3. Change in sleep patterns
  4. Guilt, shame and/or self-blame
  5. Anxiety/Depression
  6. Reliving traumatic event (unwanted memories of event)
  7. Anger
  8. Difficulty concentrating
  9. Fatigue


Plan for Safety

  1. Develop a code that will alert a neighbor/friend to call the police
  2. Have a bag packed with a change of clothes, important papers, spare keys, cell phone and cash
  3. In an emergency, dial 9-1-1 

Your Responsibilities

  • Visiting ACIC & for a complete list of rights
  • Keeping a complete and accurate accounting of all expenses related to the crime
  • Providing law enforcement with up to date contact information
  • Victim’s rights are not automatically granted-Request the rights you want exercised.

Crime Victims Reparations Board Help for Crime Victims

An innocent victim of a violent crime (including DWI) may qualify for financial help from the Crime Victims’Reparations Board. This money may help pay for medical expenses, or other costs related to personal injuries that were caused by a violent crime.

You May Qualify for Assistance if:

  1. The crime was reported to law enforcement within 72 hours
  2. An application for assistance is received within one year of the date of the crime
  3. The victim cooperates with the investigation
  4. The victim did not contribute to the crime

For more information contact your victim witness coordinator or the Office of the Attorney General Leslie Rutledge Tower Building, 323 Center Street, Little Rock, AR 72201 (501-682-1020) or (800-448-3014)

Police Academy Alumni Association Missing and Exploited Children

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