Online Reporting

If this is an emergency, call 911. Do not use this form to report emergencies.<p> If there is physical evidence that can be processed by officers, call 425-6336. Do not use this form if physical evidence is available. Use this form for occurrences within the city limits of Mountain Home, Arkansas. If the incident occurred outside our city limits, contact the appropriate law enforcement agency. Although the department will contact the complainant as soon as possible for additional information, please allow 48 hours for us to contact you, especially for reports filed on the weekend. In most cases, you should be contacted the next business day, Monday-Friday. If your report needs a quicker response, do not complete this form and immediately call the police department at 870-425-6336. If the incident or problem does not fall into one of the following categories, call the police department at 870-425-6336 for reporting an incident or complaint. Use this form to report theft of property less than $500.00 value, criminal mischief (vandalism of property) less than $500.00 value, lost items (money, purse, wallet, credit cards, driver's license, etc.), city ordinance violations, harassment, general complaints not requiring immediate response, found property, and lost property. Please check one or more of the following type of incidents being reported.
Theft of Property, Less Than $500 Value
Criminal Mischief (vandalism of property) Less Than $500
City Ordinance Violation Describe violation in narrative
General Complaint Describe complaint in narrative
Found Property Describe property in narrative
Lost Property Describe property in narrative
First Name Complainant
Last Name Complainant
Date of Birth Complainant
Street Address or County Road Complainant
Apartment Number complainant
City Complainant
State Complainant
Zip Code Complainant
Email Address Complainant (optional)
Primary Phone Number Complainant
Alternate Phone Number Complainant
Suspect Information Suspect name, date of birth, address, phone #, vehicle, etc. (if known)
Location of Incident or Complaint Within city limits of Mountain Home, Arkansas ONLY. If address is unknown, describe location.
Provide a Narrative of the Incident or Complaint Details
Check if you desire to be contacted by phone, or
Check if you prefer an officer to visit your address