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The speed alert trailer is an effective tool in speed control and a part of the police department's traffic crash reduction strategy. Most citizens are law abiding and only need a simple reminder to slow down. The speed alert trailer will measure and display the speed of the approaching vehicle. The speed limit for the area will also be displayed for comparison with the vehicle’s speed. Currently, the speed alert trailer is deployed to areas of known speeding problems and high traffic crash rates. By reducing speed violations, the property damage, personal injuries, and deaths attributed to traffic crashes can be reduced and avoided in many cases. The speed alert trailer is used in conjunction with traffic radar utilized by law enforcement officers. While officers may observe particular areas for short periods of time for speeding violations, the trailer can be deployed continuously for approximately 48 hours. If you have a request for deployment of the speed alert trailer, complete the following form. An officer will contact you as soon as possible for scheduling of the trailer’s deployment concerning your request. Please allow up to 48 hours for return contact.
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