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A Good Time for Reviewing Theft Prevention

Mar 27, 2020 | News | 1 comment

Theft of Property is the number 1 contributor to the crime rate.  This is true for most law enforcement jurisdictions. If we can reduce theft, we reduce the number of people victimized and lower our crime rate as well.

We are currently experiencing a small increase in theft of property. Hopefully, by taking some proactive measures now, we can get ahead of the problem and prevent theft and hold criminals accountable when it occurs. This may be prime time for theft due to the warm weather and issues created by the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Vehicles are usually an easy target if they are left parked unlocked. Unlocked, entry is easy and items can be removed quickly in most cases. If your vehicle is locked, the would be thief will mostly likely move to the next target. Lock your shed. Sheds usually contain expensive equipment for lawn care or the storage of other valuable items. If you currently have exterior lights, ensure they are in proper working order. A thief likes the cover of darkness. Also, it appears various scams are on the rise nationally, so be mindful of scammer’s attempts to steal by phone, internet, and mail. This is by no means a complete list of preventive measures. It is examples of thefts that we commonly experience in this area. The key is to harden the criminal’s target and report suspicious activity to the police department at 425-6336.

1 Comment

  1. Elizabeth Davis

    This idea is great! I used to live in Mountain Home, and I still have friends and relatives there. The community should respect all law enforcement, and do what they can to cut down crime. What a wonderful world this would be, if we all did our part.


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