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Police Operations During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Mar 19, 2020 | News | 0 comments

424 West 7th Street, Mountain Home, Arkansas
Emergency 911 – Phone 870-425-6336 – Fax 870-425-6092

For Immediate Release 3/19/2020: The purpose of this release is to advise our community of what to expect when the police department responds to calls for service, conduct traffic stops, and complete requests for administrative assistance at the police facility. The procedures will continue during the current COVID 19 Pandemic. While our personnel are being advised how to prevent or slow the spread of COVID 19 (Coronavirus), we understand there are inherent risk associated with our jobs. Nonetheless, we will continue serving our community, but with additional precautions during this pandemic. We will continue to receive information daily that may assist in updating our procedures as necessary.

1. Law enforcement personnel have discretion to use procedures based on the totality of the circumstances during each public encounter to prevent or slow the spread of the virus.

a. Officers will continue to answer calls for service, conduct traffic stops, and make arrests when appropriate.
b. Due to jail precautions, officers may issue citations to appear in court in lieu of incarceration for minor non-violent criminal offenses.
c. Officers may use personal protective equipment, gloves, eye protection, face masks.
d. Citizens may be asked to use a face mask depending on the circumstances.
e. Officers may ask community members to meet them outside of homes and businesses when appropriate to practice social distancing.
f. Follow recommended health guidelines to ensure a healthy work force.

2. The community is encouraged to make minor reports or submit requests for administrative assistance, by utilizing the police department’s website. The following services are available through the department’s website.

a. From the Epolice tab, you may access forms for sending a crime tip, reporting minor complaints, report drug activity, and complete an application for the Citizens Police Academy.
b. From the Accident Reports tab, you may purchase a traffic crash report utilizing a credit or debit card.
c. From the Pay Fines tab, you may pay fines utilizing a credit or debit card.
d. For other requests for non-emergency services, copies of other reports or documents, use the “Leave a Message” box at the bottom of the department’s website. For requests by using this method, please allow up to 24 hours for a response due to the potential for heavy traffic.
e. You may call the police department in lieu of a visit to the facility. We may be able to assist you by phone and send requested information to your email.

3. Police Facility and Equipment

a. Facility tours are temporarily suspended.
b. Employees will regularly sanitize the facility, vehicles, and equipment.
c. The facility is open for business with visitor screening procedures posted at the public entrance.


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