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Secure Your Motorcycles and ATVs

Aug 5, 2020 | News | 0 comments

The police department is notifying the public of recent thefts or attempted thefts of motorcycles. Since July 30, there have been five thefts and one attempted theft. Three motorcycles were recovered by the owners or officers a short distance from the owner’s residence and two motorcycles were recovered on parking lots. The one remaining motorcycle was located by the owner at his residence. In most cases, the ignition area of the motorcycles was damaged.

On July 4, a motorcycle was reported stolen from a residence. On July 26, the stolen motorcycle was located in Cleburne County. A suspect was identified in the theft and charges are pending.    

On July 20, a vehicle, trailer, and four-wheeler were stolen from a residence. The stolen property is a 2009 Silver Ford Escape, 2017 Black Teske 5’ X 8’ utility trailer with a fold down ramp, and a Honda TRX 125 Four-Wheeler.

The following are recommendations to consider for making your motorcycle a harder target for thieves. The recommendations are not fool proof, but the deterrents will make your motorcycle harder to steal. The more layers of protection you use, the better:

  1. Utilize your bike’s built-in lock,
  2. Utilize a disc brake lock,
  3. Create mechanical deterrents, pull a fuse, loosen a spark plug cap, or shut off the fuel.
  4. Connect a concealed kill switch,
  5. Store the motorcycle in a garage or other building,
  6. If the motorcycle is stored outside, think concealment,
  7. Lock your motorcycle to a heavy or secured stationary object with a chain or cable,
  8. Use quality chains, cables, and locks,
  9. Alarm your motorcycle,
  10. Don’t leave your motorcycle running and unattended.

If anyone has information about the thefts and attempted thefts, please call the Mountain Home Police Department at 870-425-6336.


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